Remanufacturing toolbox
Some tools are presented to support the study and the implementation of Remanufacturing activities.


The goal of the website is to provide information about what is remanufacturing, what are the barriers in remanufacturing, the main laws related to it and practical examples of companies that already work with this approach, as well as guidelines and templates to assist you in creating your own tailor-made remanufacturing business model.
The guidelines and the templates are designed to support the creation of a new business model for remanufacturing, improvement of an existing remanufacturing business model or adaption of a business model by inclusion of remanufacturing. The templates are flexible and can be modified to suit a particular case.

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REPRO2 - Remanufacturable Product Profiles

The objective of the tool is to give designers the possibility to compare the product being developed with the 11 product profiles, to identify which profile best matches the profile of their product, and then to identify which aspects of the design the designer should concentrate their efforts.

Website: repro2

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