Étude sur la Remanufacture

BONJEAN Anne-Charlotte (ADEME), WHITWHAM Marguerite (Philgea), TREBESSES Gabrielle (Moringa), ZWOLINSKI Peggy (INP Grenoble), ROCCHI Valérie (INP Grenoble) 2023.

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ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, a public industrial and commercial establishment under the supervision of the Ministry, just published a study about Remanufacturing !

The objective is to deliver a better understanding of what is Remanufacturing for French businesses, consumers, and general public !
- Definition, process, Business Models,
- World expertises' centre,
- Benefits and barriers,
- Levers, opportunities and recommendations for French stakeholders.

This is the first exhaustive synthesis of the state of the art of Remanufacturing written in French, for businesses and general public, to promote the practice of Remanufacturing !!


Redefining Value - The Manufacturing Revolution
Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Repair and Direct Reuse in the Circular Economy.

Nabil Nasr, Jennifer Russell, Stefan Bringezu, Stefanie Hellweg, Brian Hilton, Cory Kreiss, and Nadia von Gries. A Report of the International Resource Panel (IRP).
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, Kenya.

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This report connects the potential for resource efficiency, via circular economy and the processes that retain product value within the systems, with a policy-relevant lens. The report is one of the first to quantify the current-state and potential impacts associated with the inclusion of value-retention processes within industrial economic systems.

The report also highlights the systemic barriers that may inhibit progressive scale-up including regulatory, market, technology and infrastructure barriers, and how they could be overcome.