Remanufacturing toolbox

Presentation of tools developed to help in the study and implementation of Remanufacturing activities.



Developed by the Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin)

The purpose of the site is to provide information on what Remanufacturing is, the difficulties encountered during the development of activities, the main legislations and concrete examples of companies. Guides and standard documents are provided to assist you in creating your own Remanufacturing business model.
The guides and model documents have been produced to help you create a new Remanufacturing Business Model or optimize an existing Business Model. They are adaptable and can be modified to meet various contexts.

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REPRO2 - PROfils de PROduits REmanufacturables

Developed by GSCOP (Grenoble), the REPRO2 tool provides a first approach to the remanufacturability potential of a product.
It gives designers the opportunity to compare the chosen product with different profiles, to know and understand in which areas they need to intensify their efforts in the redesign of the product.

With this tool, 11 remanufacturable product profiles are compared with the chosen product.

Website: repro2